Industrial grade sheet copper can be an ideal option for a wide variety of applications. These custom copper sheets have been recognized as a versatile material that brings many benefits to a custom application. Knowing a bit more about copper will help you to understand whether industrial sheet copper is the right fit for your next project.

Copper comes in many different forms. Depending on the end use of your product, copper can be provided in many different forms. These can include bars, plates, sheets and even copper pipes or tubes. Choosing the shape to purchase your copper is highly dependent on the final use for your project. It is important to purchase copper products that are as close to your application end use as possible.

Sheet copper is a good option for applications that require punching out parts or those that require wrapping copper around another material. As a general rule, copper is soft and malleable, so care needs to be taken not to deform the material too much in order to get the final product that is desired.

If you do choose to use copper, custom copper sheets come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. These can be cut before delivery to your site from a very small size to large sizes, depending on your needs. Copper toll processing can save you time in the long run as you will have material you can use immediately.

Using copper sheets in your product will give you a high level of electrical conductivity as well as thermal transfer. This can be critical in situations where electrical parts or HVAC parts are being manufactured. Typically copper toll sheet products are used for fasteners, firing pins for the defense industry and for electrical parts.

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