Aluminum has become a very popular option for transformer applications. There are specific reasons why aluminum has challenged copper for bus bar the lead in popularity in transformer manufacturing. Here are just a few reasons that aluminum has become popular for transformers:

  • Aluminum does not oxidize like copper can. When used in outdoor applications, aluminum can be a good choice as it will not react to heat, cold or UV exposure. Wound copper can react to these elements and then corrode, causing issues with electrical transference.
  • Aluminum is much lighter than copper. Many manufacturers are looking at aluminum for their transformer and bus bar projects as it is much lighter than copper. This decreased weight can be ideal for electrical poles and other large applications.
  • Aluminum is nearly as reactive as copper. In terms of transferring current, aluminum is nearly as good of a choice as copper. While more aluminum coil is needed in order to complete the current, aluminum bus bars are a great option.
  • Aluminum sheets can be cut into conductive parts. Some small transformers can be cut from aluminum sheets, which are easily accessible.

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