Copper is quickly becoming a popular material choice for tile backsplashes. Some of Cleveland’s most prominent residences have copper backsplashes to give a unique look to their kitchen area. Whether you choose to maintain the original color and brilliance or let the naturally occurring patina, or greenish coloring process, occur, copper has one-of-a-kind finish possibilities that help it stand out and “pop” when used in a kitchen space.

Is copper hard to work with? Not at all if you use the right techniques. And as far as care after installation, it’s just as easy to maintain as many other metal materials.

Here are some things to keep in mind for the installation and maintenance of copper tile backsplashes:

Decide what kind of finish you’re going to want in the long run for your copper. The Statue of Liberty used to be the same color as the penny in your pocket. Over time it turned green because of copper’s reaction to the air and water it is exposed to. Some people love the natural patina, and there is nothing wrong with letting it occur. With that said, other people might want to preserve the copper color for their copper tile backsplash. There is no right or wrong way to go, but if you want to avoid the patina look, you’ll need to seal the tiles with a solvent based sealer.Cleaning the copper isn’t complicated at all. You can use soap and water to clean the copper backsplash surface, or if you want it to look brighter and shinier, you can always use a copper cleaner to preserve its brilliance.

Installing is easier than you think. Stainless Steel Backsplash.com has a great how-to guide for installing metal backsplashes that you can use to get started. Remember that the details, grout work, and edging are vital to making your project look good. Choose a grout color that helps you achieve the look you are going for. Bright colors to pop, darker earth tone hues to subdue. The combinations are endless.

Vortex Metals has all of the copper you need to create a beautiful copper tile backsplash for your Cleveland home. Call us to check out our great selection of metal tile materials for your project.