When you are approaching a new project, one of the first tasks is to ensure that you have all of the materials available in order to seamlessly start and finish the product. Part of the ramping up process is to get quotes for your materials. This can be especially important if you are ordering custom metals. Here are just a few things to know about what is critical in a metals quote:


  • The first task is to identify the metal that you want to use. From copper to aluminum, there are so many choices on the market. Make sure that your metals quote includes not only the type of metal, but the specific alloy that is needed for your project. Without a notation on the alloy type, you may end up with materials that simply won’t work for your project.
  • Do you need rolls or sheets? Commercial metals come in rolls or sheets. You can make this decision when you determine the amount of metal that you need and how you will process it. Larger rolls can be cut down to sheets at your own plant if needed.
  • Consider slitting. For your next project, think through whether you need to have your roll of metal slitted to fit the final specifications of your design. Slitting and rewinding can be done easily to meet your needs. Simply ensure that the exact dimensions of the slitted metals are noted on your estimate.
  • What about transportation? One thing that many commercial metals customers don’t thing about in their initial estimate is moving their metal rolls. While there are some companies that will include transportation to your site after processing, it is important to make sure that you are clear on who is responsible for moving the final product.

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