Nickel silver is gaining in popularity for use in jewelry making. Known for the value it offers in comparison to other types of metals, more and more artist are using nickel silver to create custom jewelry pieces. Here are just a few reasons that nickel silver is a great fit for your next jewelry project:

  • Nickel silver can be more cost effective than other types of metals. Many other types of metals, such as copper, are traded on the commodity market, which means that they can change in cost quite quickly. Nickel silver is a more economical option than sterling silver, which will give you more opportunity to practice your craft.
  • Nickel silver sheets are great for geometric pieces. Nickel silver sheets can be an easy way to add geometric pieces to necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Thin sheets of nickel silver can be easily cut and joined to other pieces to add dimension and interest.
  • Add texture to create interest in your nickel silver pieces. Nickel silver sheets and nickel coil can be hammered and textured to create a new level of dimension to your jewelry art pieces. These types of additions can offer visual interest as well as add value to your jewelry creations.
  • Be careful to mark your pieces as nickel silver. While nickel silver can be a beautiful addition to your collection, there are some people who are allergic to it. Make sure to market all of your pieces so no one has a reaction.

Try nickel silver sheets or nickel coil for your next jewelry project. Call us today for more information on our nickel silver products.