Have you considered using copper in your home? Have you thought about how this versatile metal can bring beauty and distinction to the way that your living areas look? There are many places that copper can be used in a home that can create distinct surfaces and treatments in home improvement projects.
Copper is a durable, easily workable metal that many, many homeowners are choosing to use in their home improvement projects. Known to be a soft metal, copper can be easily molded into treatments for your home. These can include everything from outdoor surfaces to indoor applications.
When considering copper for outdoor use, you may want to add it as a part of your roofing system. Many flashings are made from copper and provide a durable option that will keep your home dry no matter the weather outside. Copper can also be used as a decorative touch for deck and fence finials. This beautiful metal can cover other materials, giving it additional strength and providing a unique look in areas such as doors.
Indoors, copper has a wide variety of applications. Many homeowners have seen how lovely a copper bathroom vanity can be in their master suite. Bar areas can be covered in hammered copper, giving a long countertop a textured look that can take your home to the next level.
One thing to remember when working with copper is that it will patina. Depending on the type of copper, it can patina in either a red or green color. (Think of the Statue of Liberty as an example.) Whether you want your copper to patina or not, a sealer must be applied to either protect the copper or seal the patina in when used in a home environment.
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