Architects and designers are always looking for new ways to dress up standard treatments. Copper countertops are one of the most on-trend options for both residential and commercial spaces. Offering a luminescent finish, a copper countertop can help your space to stand out and look amazing.

There are some things to know about installing a copper countertop that will help to make installation and maintenance easier. Where to use a copper countertop is the first question that needs to be answered. Copper is considered a soft metal, so placing it in a high use area where it has little protection from large amounts of water and the acids from foods is not generally a great idea. For that reason, most interior designers, for both commercial and residential spaces, do not generally recommend a copper countertop for kitchen use. With the wear and tear that a kitchen gets and the soft nature of copper sheets, you may see more damage to your counter than you would like.

Copper counters do have some amazing options though, including use on a bar. Since bars and bathrooms do not see the use of heavy metal cookware, copper can be a beautiful treatment for these spaces. Commercial bar areas covered with copper roll materials give the finished area a high-end, lustrous finish that will draw the eye toward the bar area. For homes, adding copper sheeting to a bar area will provide contrast and a high level of finish to your decor.

An important note about copper countertops is that they do need to be sealed. Copper reacts to any exposure to water by creating a patina that is either red or green. To keep the original look of the copper, a clear sealant should be painted on the surface on a regular basis to ensure that no patina does develop.

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