Quality Stainless Products

Stainless steel products from Vortex Metals come in a variety of finishes and tempers

Are you looking for the highest-quality stainless products on the market today? If so, then look to Vortex Metals to provide a wide variety of finishes and tempers that can meet your needs.

Why choose Vortex Metals?

Here are just a few reasons to take a look at our stainless products:

  • Responsiveness. We know that when you need stainless steel products, you need them fast. Vortex Metals offers the highest-quality with the quickest turn around on the market today.
  • Choose your thickness. With thicknesses available that include .0007” to .063”, we can meet your every need for stainless steel products.
  • Specify your alloy and temper. Knowing that every business has their own specification, Vortex Metals offers stainless steel products in 300 and 400 Series alloys with annealed, quarter hard and up to spring tempers. 
  • Quality finishing. Each of our stainless steel products includes precision slit and burr-free edges in mill, brushed, satin, matte, reflective, and mirror finishes. 
  • Sized to fit your job. We can adapt our products to meet your coil sizes from .187” to 36.00” and can even cut stainless steel sheets from 4” x 4” to 48” x 120”. Just let us know your specifications!
  • Other stainless steel services. Not only do we produce stainless steel products, but we offer custom slitting and rewinding, sheeting and tissue interleaving, and custom packaging for products provided by Vortex Metals.
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