Whether you are moving large amounts of parts or small items that are fragile, you need to know that your items will arrive at their destination without damage and intact. At Vortex Metals, we offer secure specialty packaging that will ensure you have an incident-free delivery. Consider these ways that we assist with your packaging needs:

  • Packaging can be used for domestic deliveries. To get fragile parts to domestic locations, we can create custom containers that will ensure that each item arrives without incident and is ready to use.
  • Specialized packaging for international shipping. Sending items overseas requires knowledge of the regulations for moving manufactured goods either by ship, air or via rail to another destination. Our specialized secure packaging will ensure that your parts meet the requirements for international shipping and that they will get to their port unharmed.
  • Secure specialty packaging can be created for any type of item. From large mechanical parts to the smallest piece of technology, form-fitting custom packing any shape or size can be developed to meet your needs.

Want to learn more about our secure specialty packaging? Give the team at Vortex Metals a call today to learn more about our packaging options.