Having a source you can depend on to provide you with copper sheets and rolls can save you time and frustration in your manufacturing process. At Vortex Metals, we understand that you need a reliable source for these types of materials. That is the reason that we offer secure specialty packaging for all of our toll metal products that can get your supplies where you need them in a timely fashion.

While the easiest way for us to ship copper rolls is to put them on a truck and deliver them locally, that simply will not work for many of our clients. To that end, we have added secure specialty shipping procedures that will get your copper sheets to you wherever you are. For domestic delivery, we can create specialized containers that will hold your parts, whether small sheets of copper or enormous copper rolls that have been custom slitted, to ensure a damage-free delivery.

International shipping is also possible with our secure specialty packaging. Getting copper securely shipped to an international destination requires knowledge of regulations for each country. Our shipping team can move your toll metals by either ship, rail or air, or a combination of these, to get them to your site. We understand the requirements of each country and how our specialty packaging needs to be prepared to allow you to receive your copper or aluminum parts.

Secure specialty shipping can be used for a wide variety of parts. Many people believe that toll metal shipping is only for the smallest of parts, but we have clients who purchase our metals and then process them into small parts used in electronics and automotive manufacturing. They can count on us to build custom containers and arrange for shipping in one easy step.

Want to move your parts somewhere around the world? Call the experts at Vortex Metals today and learn about our secure specialty packaging and how we can help your parts arrive on time.