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At Vortex Metals, we take pride in offering top-tier packaging for our metal processing solutions. We ensure your products are secure, protected, and ready for their next destination.

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Our Process

  1. Slitting and Stacking
    Once your material arrives, we expertly slit, stack, and weigh it, preparing it for the packaging process. Our meticulous approach guarantees that your materials are handled with care and precision.
  2. Corrugated Layer and Corner Board Application
    We begin by applying a top layer of corrugated material, along with corner boards. This step provides additional protection and ensures your load is ready for safe transit.
  3. Stretch Film Application
    Our team consistently applies stretch film as the load spins, securing your materials tightly and preventing any movement during shipping.
  4. Pre-Banding
    Before the final banding process, we ensure your load is securely wrapped and stable. This intermediate step is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your products.
  5. Tension-Clipped Banding
    We utilize tension-clipped banding to attach the load to the skid through the fiber core. This method offers superior stability and safety during transportation.
  6. Label Application
    Brightly colored labels are then applied for easy visibility. Our labeling system ensures that your products are easily identifiable and traceable.
  7. Fiber Core Application
    To prevent double stacking and maintain product integrity, we apply a fiber core to the top of the board. This additional layer of protection is essential for safe handling and storage.
  8. Stenciling
    Finally, we proudly stencil our name, Vortex Metals, onto your finished product. This mark of quality signifies our commitment to excellence and reliability.

Vortex Packaging (photo) Why Choose Vortex Metals?

At Vortex Metals, we are more than just packaging experts; we are your partners in ensuring your products reach their destination safely and in perfect condition. Our comprehensive packaging process is designed to meet all your needs, from standard stacked boxes to custom-sized loads.

Quality You Can Trust
We believe in delivering quality at every step. Our team is dedicated to providing packaging solutions that exceed your expectations and secure your trust.

Customized Solutions
No matter the size or shape of your load, we offer customized packaging solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Expertise and Experience
With years of experience in the industry, Vortex Metals has the expertise to handle all your packaging needs efficiently and effectively.

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