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look to Vortex Metals for your nickel products

Vortex Metals is known throughout the domestic and international metals industry to provide the highest-quality nickel silver coils, foil, sheet, and plate products for industry, manufacturing, and distribution. The team at Vortex Metals works individually with each client, ensuring that each sheet and plate nickel product meets delivery and technical specifications.

High-Quality Products and Service

At Vortex Metals, we offer:

A wide variety of alloys, including 752, 770, and other options that can be used in industrial and manufacturing environments.

  • Our nickel products come in various tempers which are suited to different applications and production needs.
  • Vortex Metals offers more than just basic nickel products. We can provide a variety of sizes in nickel silver foil, sheet, and plate.
  • Nickel silver coils produced and distributed by Vortex include slit to width and burr-free edges as standard quality processes we employ to provide quality strip in coil.

If you are looking for the highest-quality products and customer service in the metals industry, then look to Vortex Metals for your nickel products. Call us today for more information on our sheet and coil products.

We service customers both domestically & internationally. Call us to speak to a Sales Representative at 800-500-7508 or 216-303-6475

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