Aluminum is one of the most incredible materials in the history of the world. Its uses are seemingly endless, and although it’s relatively inexpensive to produce, it is incredibly strong and durable. While there are still many things we don’t know about its limits, we are learning more and more every day. What we do know is that aluminum’s history is impressive, and whether you are using it for a creative art design, or you are using it for industrial needs, here are some fun facts about what was once referred to as “The Metal of Kings.”

Worth your weight in… aluminum?
At one point, aluminum was worth more than gold. It was so precious that when dignitaries came to visit Napoleon III in France during the 1800s, they were often given aluminum utensils to eat with during their stay. What material was the common dinnerware? Would you believe it was Gold? This makes our next fun fact particularly interesting.

Good enough to eat (on).
Many metals, such as lead, are toxic and poisonous. People found out that lesson the hard way years ago. Luckily for the VIPs that visited Napoleon III long ago, aluminum is not one of those metals. It is completely non-toxic and can safely be used to make utensils and dinnerware.

Make it last forever.
Our love affair with aluminum is just starting, as aluminum was discovered a mere 150 years ago. But it has already been proven to last more than 100 years in application. It might not outlast the pyramids, but even the tower on the Empire State Building was made from aluminum because of the metal’s durability.

Play it again and again and again Sam
Between the fact that it lasts so long in its original form and due to all of its applications once it’s recycled, it is estimated that 75% of all of the aluminum ever produced is still in use. So that soda can you’re drinking out of might have been the fork of a king almost two centuries ago!

No wonder my burrito is warm.
Aluminum has incredible insulating properties. It’s up to four times more insulating than brick and other masonry coats.

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