Toll processing can be a viable option for companies that have specific metals needs that they are finding hard to fill. Vortex Metals can assist with not only locating and purchasing specific metals, but we can support companies who have already purchased metals that need to be processed.


  • What exactly is toll processing? Toll processing is when a metals company provides labor in the form of taking materials that have been bought by the client and altering them to meet a list of specifications. These services can be cost saving as well as time saving for clients.
  • Metals that need to be altered can be shipped directly to the processing facility where they can be stored until they are needed. One example of a toll processing job is taking a 2000 pound copper coil and breaking it down into strips. This can be done with a large amount of metal products that have specification requirements that need to be met.
  • Customers who take advantage of toll processing can expect quick turnarounds as well as special services. Products can be trucked to the processing facility and there may be an option to have them processed the same day. This is an advantage for jobs that require specific measurements or time requirements. While a client may have access to a splitter or other machinery, they may not have access to the right equipment to handle the job. Normally, shops that have toll processing services have more options for processing that can make it easier to achieve the exact specifications that are needed for a project.
  • A final benefit to toll processing is that products can be processed at a pre-specified interval. Clients who need a delivery once a month can schedule that with the facility and then have their product guaranteed for that timing, keeping their business running efficiently and controlling their costs.


Are you interested in toll processing options? Call the experts at Vortex Metals today for information and an estimate on getting your metals processed at our professional facility.