When you purchase bulk metals in rolls, you may not think about how the different layers of metal will interact with each other when it is being transported and deployed in a manufacturing setting. In fact, it is critical that each metal layer is protected as it is wound onto the roll. Here is some information to consider when purchasing rolls of copper and thinking about interleaving:

  • Layers of metal can rub against each other. No matter the thickness of the copper product that you are considering ordering, once it is wound on a roll the layers may rub against each other while it is being prepared for transport, while being transported and when being put out on the floor for usage. This friction can certainly occur at a high level when the actual product is being used.
  • Copper that has not been interleaved may see damage. When you purchase copper rolls for the first time, you may not even stop to consider how the friction of these layers can cause damage. In fact, it can! Highly polished surfaces, those that corrode easily or those rolls made of softer metals can see damage if they are not interleaved.
  • The interleaving process protects the layers of metal from damage and a host of other issues. When you interleave a roll of copper or another metal, you add a layer of paper product between each layer of metal. This protects the surface and sheen of the product so that it is at the highest quality level when it is prepared for manufacturing. Using anti-corrosive papers, these layers can also protect against the tarnishing of sensitive metals.

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