Copper has a wide variety of uses, some of them industrial and some of them for a more personal application. Artists and hobbyists alike love using copper for the qualities that this beautiful metal provides. Here are just a few of the ways that artists and craftsmen take advantage of our copper products:


  • Copper is ideal for handcrafted outdoor pieces. From birdhouses to outdoor garden sculptures, copper is an amazing material to use for all sorts of artistic pursuits. Artists who use copper sheets for outdoor pieces can take advantage of the malleability of the metal, which is easy to work with and very forgiving when forming it.
  • Copper has a beautiful patina. Over time, copper has the natural tendency to patina when exposed to outdoor weather. This would be the reason that the Statue of Liberty has the distinct color that it has. Copper can create a patina in either a red or a green color, both of which are distinctive and beautiful. Artists can take advantage of this in their design work.
  • Copper can be used indoors. Copper trim pieces, table tops, counter tops and sinks are all popular ways to take advantage of small pieces of copper that are available at a low price. While some artists prefer to seal the copper to prevent the natural patina process, others prefer to let it patina and then seal it after. Both will provide unique, interesting looks for indoor home decor and a designer touch.
  • Copper can be worked with heat. Artists who use copper for sculpture take advantage of heated tools to burn through it and create interesting edges. This melting process, instead of cutting, provides interesting smooth, nubby edges, which are ideal for sculptures and collage pieces.

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