Choose the Right Metal Products for Your Project


Knowing the difference between copper and brass can be a critical element in choosing just the right metal for your next project. Not familiar with how copper and brass differ? Here are just a few things to know about copper and brass metals:

  • Copper is a base metal, while brass is an alloy. As a base metal, copper holds a place on the periodic table of elements. Copper is found naturally in the state that it is in, while brass is not. Brass is a man-made metal. It is a combination of copper and zinc.
  • Copper is a soft metal. Reddish-orange in color, copper is known to be soft and quite malleable. It also will corrode when exposed to the elements and this corrosion, called a patina, can be either red or green. With proper sealing, copper can retain its original color.
  • Brass is used in a variety of applications. From items such as zippers to ammunition, valves, locks, gears and plumbing, brass is used widely in both industrial and consumer goods.
  • Copper is most commonly used in electrical environments. Copper has a high level of conductivity and can be bent easily, which makes it ideal for use in buss bars and other electrical devices.
  • Brass can take on a yellowish hue. While most people think of brass as a gold color, it can also be yellowish which is due to the zinc that is present in the alloy.

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