The newest design options for homes are now incorporating a much wider variety of materials than has ever been seen before. Home remodeling trends are now adding the texture and appealing colors of copper.

Copper sheets can be fashioned into decorative and functional touches that add more detail and interest to a home. Copper can be used in many areas of a home. With some creativity, copper can offer warm colors that will complement nearly any decor of both new and older homes.

One of the most popular trends in home remodeling is adding basement entertaining areas. With more homeowners staying put instead of upsizing their homes, they are adding more functional areas. Copper can be used in these entertaining areas as a top for a bar or a table. Hammered copper is particularly attractive for tabletops and bars. With the soft nature of copper, rolling the metal around the edges makes for an attractive finishing touch.

Another area where copper can be used is in plumbing fixtures. These on-trend pieces, such as sink basins and faucets, lend a depth of color and texture to a guest bathroom or even a master bathroom. One thing to remember is that without sealing, copper will create a patina (either red or green) over time. A clear sealant will protect the original color of the metal, especially if it is being used in an area where there is water.

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