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What are the most frequently used applications for copper roll products?
  • Copper in coil form is used in all applications where secure, reliable conductivity is crucial.
    Ultimate destinations for finished products include hospitals, government agencies, schools, shipyards, and YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD! Used in the manufacturing of transformers, heat exchangers, capacitors, and batteries.
  • Copper products can be used for many home improvement projects.
    Handy homeowners can take advantage of copper products around their homes. These pieces can be used for small countertop projects and can even be used for roof flashing on a home, shed, or RV.
  • Artists and craftsmen benefit from sectioned pieces.
    From the artist who likes to add copper to their metal sculptures to those who like to work on crafts that would benefit from copper, copper companies can provide these sections at a reduced cost. Sections of copper sheeting can be used for adding to birdhouses and ornaments as well as other decorative objects.
How can custom metal quotes save your company money?

Streamline your metal ordering and processing operations working with Vortex Metals. Here are just a few ways that our custom metal quotes can save you money:

  • Get access to a wide variety of metal products.
    From copper, aluminum, brass, nickel silver, stainless steel, and many other specialty metals, you can get help finding and acquiring exactly the metals that you need for your manufacturing process.
  • Our quotes can include metal storage.
    As a stocking distributor and slitting house, THAT’S OUR JOB! When you are ready for processing, simply give us a call, and we will move your metals onto our shop floor, get them prepared to your specifications, and arrange to have them delivered. Saving you time, money, and frustration.
What metals are used in the manufacturing of transformers?

A transformer is a type of device that transfers electricity from one circuit to another to either increase or decrease voltage. Copper and aluminum are widely used in transformers as conductors due to their outstanding electrical conductivity. While aluminum and copper can be used for transformer manufacturing, each material has its own benefits.

  • Using copper for transformers will enhance durability and performance, allowing electricity to transfer safely.
    During operation, copper generates minimal heat, has a higher tensile strength, and is more flexible than aluminum. Small transformers are generally wound with copper because it is denser and requires less footage in tight spaces.
  • Aluminum wound transformers are lighter in weight compared to copper.
    Aluminum wound coils are larger than an equivalent copper coil, therefore, applications requiring very tight dimensions should use copper. Aluminum used in transformers is highly efficient and reliable, with lower costs than copper. Aluminum transformers provide better short circuit capacity and less deterioration of electrical insulation due to aluminum’s higher insulation rate, making it more resistant to corrosion.
  • While both copper and aluminum have their pros and cons, consider the following to choose the best material for you!
    Efficiency, cost, oxidation, size and weight requirements, manufacturing preferences, and tensile strength all play a crucial role in choosing the right material for your transformers.
What is toll processing and what advantages does it offer?

What exactly is toll processing? The opportunity to reduce, reuse, and recycle to SAVE our customers money!  

  • Toll processing is a specialized service where Vortex Metals provides labor in the form of taking materials that have been bought by the client and altering them to meet their specifications. These services are a HUGE cost and time saver for our customers.
  • Metals that need to be altered can be shipped directly to our processing facility where they can be stored until they are needed. One example of a toll processing job is refurbishing a 2,000-pound, wide width copper coil and breaking it down into narrow strips.
  • Customers who take advantage of toll processing can expect adherence to exact specifications and quick turnarounds! Products can be trucked to the processing facility and there may be an option to have them processed the same day.
  • A final benefit to toll processing is that products can be processed at a pre-specified interval. Clients who need a delivery once a month can schedule that with our facility and then have their product guaranteed for that timing, allowing them the flexibility to keep their business running efficiently and CONTROLLING THEIR COSTS!
How can I use copper in my home improvement projects?

Have you considered using copper in your home? Have you thought about how this versatile metal can bring beauty and distinction to the way that your living areas look? There are many places where copper can be used in a home that can create distinct surfaces and treatments in home improvement projects.

  • Copper is a durable, easily workable metal that many homeowners are choosing to use in their home improvement projects.
    Known to be a soft metal, copper can be easily molded into treatments for your home. These can include everything from outdoor surfaces to indoor applications.
  • When considering copper for outdoor use, you may want to add it as a part of your roofing system.
    Many flashings are made from copper and provide a durable option that will keep your home dry no matter the weather outside. Copper can also be used as a decorative touch for deck and fence finials. This beautiful metal can cover other materials, giving it additional strength and providing a unique look in areas such as doors.
  • Indoors, copper has a wide variety of applications.
    Many homeowners have seen how lovely a copper bathroom vanity can be in their master suite. Bar areas can be covered in hammered copper, giving a long countertop a textured look that can take your home to the next level.
  • One thing to remember when working with copper is that it will patina.
    Depending on the type of copper, it can patina in either a red or green color. (Think of the Statue of Liberty as an example.) Whether you want your copper to patina or not, a sealer must be applied to either protect the copper or seal the patina when used in a home environment.
How are artists using copper products?

Artists and hobbyists alike love using copper for the qualities that this beautiful metal provides. Here are just a few of the ways that artists and craftsmen take advantage of our copper products:

  • Copper is ideal for handcrafted outdoor pieces.
    From birdhouses to outdoor garden sculptures, copper is an amazing material to use for all sorts of artists’ pursuits. Artists who use copper sheets for outdoor pieces can take advantage of the malleability of the metal, which is easy to work with and very forgiving when forming it.
  • Copper has a beautiful patina.
    Over time, copper has the natural tendency to patina when exposed to outdoor weather. This is the reason that the Statue of Liberty has a distinct color that it has. Copper can create a patina in either a red or green color, both of which are distinctive and beautiful. Artists can take advantage of this in their design work.
  • Copper can be used indoors.
    Copper trim pieces, tabletops, countertops, and sinks are popular ways to take advantage of small pieces of copper that are available at a low price. While some artists prefer to seal the copper to prevent the natural patina process, others prefer to let it patina and then seal it afterward. Both will provide unique, interesting looks for indoor home décor and a designer touch.
  • Copper can be worked with heat.
    Artists who use copper for sculpture take advantage of heated tools to burn through it and create interesting edges. This melting process, instead of cutting, provides interesting smooth, nubby edges, which are ideal for sculptures and collage pieces.
Why should you choose copper for your backsplash?

Copper is quickly becoming a popular material choice for tile backsplashes. Some of Cleveland’s most prominent residences have copper backsplashes to give a unique look to their kitchen area. Whether you choose to maintain the original color and brilliance or let the naturally occurring patina, or greenish coloring process, occur, copper has one-of-a-kind finish possibilities that help it stand out and “pop” when used in a kitchen space.

Is copper hard to work with? Not at all if you use the right techniques. And as far as care after installation, it’s just as easy to maintain as many other metal materials.

Here are some things to keep in mind for the installation and maintenance of copper tile backsplashes:

  • Decide what kind of finish you’re going to want in the long run for your copper.
    The Statue of Liberty used to be the same color as the penny in your pocket. Over time it turned green because of copper’s reaction to the air and water it is exposed to. Some people love the natural patina, and there is nothing wrong with letting it occur. With that said, other people might want to preserve the copper color for their copper tile backsplash. There is no right or wrong way to go, but if you want to avoid the patina look, you’ll need to seal the tiles with a solvent-based sealer.
  • Cleaning the copper isn’t complicated at all.
    You can use soap and water to clean the copper backsplash surface, or if you want it to look brighter and shinier, you can always use a copper cleaner to preserve its brilliance.
  • Installing is easier than you think.
    Stainless Steel Backsplash.com has a great how-to guide for installing metal backsplashes that you can use to get started. Remember that the details, grout work, and edging are vital to making your project look good. Choose a grout color that helps you achieve the look you are going for. Bright colors to pop, darker earth tone hues to subdue. The combinations are endless.

Vortex Metals has all of the copper you need to create a beautiful copper tile backsplash for your Cleveland home. Call us to check out our great selection of metal tile materials for your project.

Does Vortex do blanket orders and how does it work?

Vortex welcomes the opportunity to provide you with various blanket order options.

Blanket orders can be built on recurring items ordered and/or various combinations of slit widths from the same thickness. This allows us to offer YOU multiple price breaks!

Blanket orders are available on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. Allow us to relieve you of the responsibility of constantly monitoring every individual purchase!

Please call us at 216-365-2300 or toll-free at 800-500-7508 to discuss your particulars!

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