When your business relies on metals in order to manufacture products, you need to have access to a source that can not only meet your timeline, but save you money. One of the best ways to streamline your metal ordering and processing operations is to work with Vortex Metals. Here are just a few ways that our custom metal quotes can save you money:


  • Get access to a wide variety of metal products. From copper to aluminum to stainless steel, you can get help finding and acquiring exactly the metals that you need for your manufacturing process. This saves you money in that you are not trying to substitute one product for another which may require you to change your processing time or methods.
  • Our quotes can include metal storage. Many manufacturing companies that use metal rolls struggle to find areas where they can store additional metal supplies. This can limit overall area at your facility and hamper your efficiency. It can also increase your labor and processing costs as your team has to move large rolls and arrange for shipping. Instead of using this option, consider having our team order and store your metal rolls at our facility. When you are ready for processing, simply give us a call and we will move your metals onto our shop floor, get them prepared at your specifications and arrange to have them delivered, saving you time, money and frustration.
  • Custom metal quotes take into account the processing needs of your business. Each of your operations has their own requirements. We understand that. When we recommend a metal material for your business, we consider which metal will best meet your needs, ultimately saving you money.

Do you want to save money on your metal purchases? Call Vortex Metals today to receive a custom quote on our metal rolls and processing options. Call now!