The greenish color that has made the Statue of Liberty such a notable part of our country’s history is due to the natural patina that has developed on the copper over time. As more people have admired the way that copper creates color, they have looked for ways to create it artificially. If you are interested in copper patinas, here are just a few things that you need to know:

  • Patina occurs due to exposure. When copper parts are exposed to outdoor weather conditions, such as rain and sun, it creates the greenish hue that results in a patina. This is due to the presence of copper sulfate and how it reacts to the environment.
  • Copper near the ocean patinas differently than copper near freshwater sources. Chloride salts, present in areas near saltwater, can cause copper to patina differently that copper that is given the chance to patina in landlocked areas or areas near fresh water.
  • Artists and scientists alike have pursued creating patinas for a long period of time. In order to create a patina in a short amount of time, artists and scientists have discovered that their success depends on the weather conditions as well as how the solution is applied. Overall, the most critical factor is the climate where the copper is placed.
  • Chemically created patinas are possible. What has been discovered is that while patinas can be created artificially, they may not be as reliable as ones that occur naturally. While a natural patina may take five years, a chemical patina can be completed quickly, though it may not have the adhesion, color or the consistency that a natural patina would.

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