Copper Coatings and Platings

Copper Coatings and Platings

Improve the Performance of Your Metal Materials

Copper, known for its malleability, resistance to corrosion, and high thermal and electrical conductivity, is often used to coat components in a range of industry applications. Vortex Metals is certified to provide high-quality copper coating and electroplating services to meet your needs, no matter your industry. We can apply copper coatings of many different thicknesses to a range of materials. Our skilled team members use a detailed, thorough process to ensure a functional finished product that delivers strength, durability, and corrosion resistance.

Tin-Dipped Copper

Protect Your Copper Wiring From Corrosion

Copper on its own offers strong corrosion-resistant properties. However, if you need to protect copper parts against corrosion in a wet or contaminated environment, consider using a hot tinned copper coating. Electrical wires and cables are often coated in tinned copper to prevent corrosion and oxidation. Wastewater treatment facilities and any industrial project that will be exposed to water, oil, or gas can benefit from tin-dipped copper wire. The tin coating offers protection, extends the life of the wire or cable, and offers the same conductivity as bare copper. Tinned copper also offers increased solderability.

Electroplated Copper

Strengthen Your Metal and Plastic Parts

We use a process known as electroplating—using an electric current to deposit a layer of copper on top of a base metal like aluminum or silver—to achieve plated copper. Electroplated copper is ideal for many different environments because of its wide-ranging benefits. For example, plated copper finishes are ideal for medical equipment because they offer resistance against harmful bacteria. The copper plating process can also be used on plastic and other non-metallic surfaces—strengthening the part, making it more visually appealing, and improving its electrical conductivity.

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Vortex Metals Is Here to Help

Both copper coating and plating require extensive attention to detail to ensure a successful result. Our team understands the importance of getting every single step right, starting with gaining a thorough understanding of the environment in which your products will be used. We will help you select the right copper coating and plating solution to meet your precise requirements, specifications, and timeline.