Having access to the metals that you need for manufacturing your products can be helpful, but making sure they are in the condition you need them so that they can immediately be put into work is another issue entirely. If you are looking for materials that can be used in high performance environments, then professional slitting services can make a tangible difference in your production. Here are just a few ways that copper slitting can lead to high performance materials:


  • Slitting can remove problematic edge structures. When a roll of copper is produced, the focus in on getting the material into sheet form and getting it spiral wound for sale. Unfortunately, many times the edges are not even and that can be detrimental to production. Professional slitting services take care of that problem by unwinding each roll and carefully smoothing the edges to remove any scallops or distortions that might be an issue.
  • There are many options for slitting. While the copper roll is being worked on, our team can employ many different options to get the edges up to specifications. Options include using a solid knife slitter, razor slitter or a rotary slitter. Each one of these has particular benefits to the final edge that is on the roll of copper and choosing the right one depends on how you are using it.
  • Professional copper slitting can save you time and frustration. When you are ready to use a roll of copper, having it ready to go can save you time and money on your processing line. Issues with edges can slow or even stop your production. The team at Vortex can store your copper rolls and process the edges for you on your order. When they are complete, we can arrange to have the roll transported to your site so it is ready for production.


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