Artists are branching out in the materials that they use and how they gain access to them. Copper sheets are one of the most popular new materials for artists who have an interest in metal work as well as decorative touches.

Artists are always looking for new ways to incorporate materials into their work. From wood workers who are looking for metal decorative touches to people who love to spend their weekends completing home improvement projects, artistic touches are possible with copper sheets.

Copper sheets, relatively soft in nature, can be bent and formed into a wide variety of shapes. Hammered copper is one of the most commonly used materials in jewelry making as it offers an earthy color and texture. Earrings, bracelets and necklaces made from copper add interest to bohemian outfits.

Copper sheets are also a great fit for artisans who like to beautify their home. Adding hammered copper to the tops of tables, to a bar top or to a bathroom can make an area of your home look like a custom installation.

For artists who are interested in making three dimensional pieces, copper sheets can be a great option. Copper sheets can be cut, joined and even allowed to patina in order to offer red or green colorations to a sculpture, piece of wall art or garden art. In particular, when copper is used for outdoor sculpture, you can expect that it will quickly assume a patina. If you prefer to keep the original color of the copper, then adding a sealant will help.

Multi-media artists also use metal pieces as part of the list of found objects that can help to add to a painting or collage. Copper is an important option for multi-media artists who want to add depth to their work. Call today to see what we have available.