Using copper in custom jewelry can add a new level of interest and design. The unique coloration and texture of copper can take a jewelry design to the level where it can be sold and create a following. Here are just a few reasons to add sheet copper and copper foil to your jewelry designs:


  • Malleable copper sheets can be altered for use in jewelry making. If you are an artisanal jewelry maker, then you understand that having unique parts is what will make your pieces stand out. Copper sheets, with their malleable nature, are ideal for adding to your bracelets, necklaces and earrings. By using a metal stamp, you can add texture to the surface before cutting out parts that will be added to your designs.
  • Wires can have pattern to them. Copper wires are not just plain anymore. New processes allow these wires to have intricate patterns on them. This additional layer of interest means that your pieces can be strung on wire that does more than just bring the gems into a form.
  • You can create shapes with copper sheets. Custom copper sheets and foils can be used to create shapes that can be added to your design. From stars and hearts to geometrical shapes, copper sheets can be cut into one-of-a-kind items that lend your own style to your creation.
  • Copper foils are a way to add sheen to other materials. If you have beads or other items that you want to alter, consider using a copper foil material. The thinnest copper foil is like working with tissue paper and can easily be bent and sealed onto beads and other items before adding it to your design.


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