Copper metal products come in a wide variety of forms that can be used in homeowner projects and even in industry. There are four major types of copper products, each with their own benefits and characteristics.

  • Copper Sheet. Copper sheet is used in vehicle manufacturing, as an artistic touch to architectural designs, to mint coins and even in medical devices and equipment. Generally, copper sheet products come in two different alloys, 110 and 102, and can be as thick as .040 inch. Copper sheets are tempered and are offered in full hard, rolled and annealed.
  • Copper Coil. Copper coil products are used in the construction industry for structural engineering and roofing. This versatile copper product is also well known in the electrical industry as an EMI/RFI shield and for circuit boards. The cores that copper is wound on can be fiber, steel, plastic or aluminum and tempers include as-rolled, full hard and annealed.
  • Copper Foil Tape. Copper foil tape is generally used for smaller projects such as stained glass artwork, arts and crafts and labels. Thin and flexible, copper foil tape can also be used as a material in a motor, as part of a battery and as part of consumer and industrial electronics. Adhesives are generally added to foil tape and that option comes with both conductive and non-conductive characteristics.
  • Copper Foil. Copper foils are one of the primary components for electrical conductivity parts. Not only can copper foil be used in traditional energy and electrical equipment, but it is now widely used in solar panels and equipment as well as other alternative energy equipment. Circuit boards and transformers also feature copper foil.

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