Vortex Metals Capabilities

At Vortex Metals, we offer full foil and sheet gauge manufacturing.

Our team of metals processing specialists can help you to acquire the exact metal products that you need, process them according to your specifications and have them delivered to your site. From copper sheet, foil and roll products to aluminum buss bars and stainless steel products, we have metals that can work for large manufacturing operations to individual construction and even for artisanal uses. Our team of highly experienced metal industry specialists will work with you to help you meet your budget, specifications, and timelines for processing and delivery.

We even offer the option to hold your metals at our facility until you are ready for processing. We will arrange for quick processing on our floor and then have your metals order picked up from our site and delivered to your organization, saving you time, storage space, and the frustration of coordinating metal supplies. Look to Vortex Metals for all of your metals needs, including brass, nickel silver, and toll processing of metals products for industrial-sized projects to simple home improvements.

Manufacturing Capabilities

domestically and internationally

Our manufacturing capabilities, backed up by decades of experience and industry-leading technology and team members, include:

  • Foil and Sheet Gauges ranging from .0007″ through .080″
  • Width ranges from .250″ through 64.00″
  • I.D.’s available: 1.3125″ (1 5/16″), 3″, 6″, 10″, 12″, 16″, and 20″
  • All inquiries and processing managed by INDUSTRY VETERANS!

We service customers both domestically and internationally and can ship products anywhere you are working. Call us to speak to a Sales Representative at 800-500-7508 or 216-365-2300