Buss Bar

Buss Bar Options from Vortex Metals

Looking for buss bar products? Vortex Metals carries aluminum and copper options.

If your company has the need for buss bar materials, let Vortex Metals partner with you to provide exactly what you need. Here are just a few characteristics of the buss bar Vortex Metals provides.

  • Multiple metals available. Vortex Metals has buss bar materials available in aluminum and copper, to meet a wide variety of needs for the automotive and electrical industries.
  • We meet your specifications. Not only do we have buss bar materials in copper and aluminum, but we can supply them with round or square edges to respond to your particular use.
  • Custom jobs are not a problem! Whether you need a specific thickness, width or length, the expert engineers and fabricators working with Vortex Metals can create a buss bar product that will meet your custom design needs.

 For the most versatile buss bar products, let the experts at Vortex Metals work with you to provide products that match your needs and requirements. Call us today for more information on how we can work with you!

We service customers both domestically and internationally. Call us to speak to a Sales Representative at 800-500-7508 or 216-303-6475

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