Stainless steel is a product that virtually everyone knows about, whether they work in industry or are simply purchasing products for their home. Known for being durable and rust resistant, there is no industry that does not use stainless steel in some application. Read on to learn more about stainless and its versatility:


  • Stainless steel is graded by series. Stainless steel is identified by its series number, which indicates the particular characteristics of that grade of stainless steel. The 300 series is the most popular series. Each series can include numbering such as 301, 302, 303 and 304, which helps to define the uses of that particular grade of metal.
  • Construction uses stainless. Stainless steel is used in the building industry for roofing materials.
  • Medical grade stainless is used in hospitals. Stainless steel has become so popular that it is widely used in medical settings. Items such as surgical tools as well as implants used by orthopedic surgeons and medical devices can all be constructed from stainless steel.
  • Cars take advantage of stainless steel. There are many parts in a vehicle that are created from stainless steel. These can include exhaust systems, which use the 400 series of stainless steel, as well as catalytic converters and parts used in the body of the vehicle.
  • Industrial uses abound. From tools, to industrial knives, saws, stainless steel counters in commercial kitchens and other food processing applications, stainless is widely used in industry.

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