Each and every metal product on the market has its own specific purposes. Nickel silver is no exception. This versatile metal can be used for a wide range of applications as it has a long list of versatile characteristics. Here are just a few properties of nickel silver and how it can be used in both industry and homes:


  • Nickel silver has a wide variety of characteristics that makes it popular.This metal is a non-magnetic option that makes it ideal for applications where there may be more than one metal present. It is exceptionally hard and non-malleable, unlike other metals, such as copper, which have a tendency to be quite soft.
  • You can polish nickel silver. Nickel silver, with its substantial firmness, can be polished to a high shine. This ability to achieve an almost mirror finish means that it can be used for decorative purposes as well as industrial uses.
  • Nickel silver is stronger and more durable than copper. One of the benefits of using nickel silver is that it is quite a bit stronger than copper. For environments that need a durable material where copper simply will not work, nickel silver may be an excellent choice.
  • Great structural qualities. With the innate level of strength, nickel silver offers excellent structural qualities that means it can be used as support in certain projects that require stability.
  • Nickel silver has both home use and industrial use. You may not realize it, but nickel silver can be used for trims, doorknobs, railings, plumbing fixtures, decorative panels as well as for industrial end uses.

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