Stainless steel is one of the most commonly used metals in manufacturing and industry today. Corrosion resistant and durable, it has become one of the most popular metal material choices. While there are many situations where stainless can be used, here are just a few examples of the best uses for industrial stainless steel:


  • Stainless steel is widely used in the transportation industry. With a durability that is hard to beat, this metal is used for everything from exhaust systems on today’s cars to cargo containers that are loaded on ships and traverse the globe. Stainless steel, with a low level of reactivity is also used for chemical tankers that are carried on ships and on the road.
  • The oil and gas industry uses stainless steel widely. As a highly regulated industry, oil and gas professional rely on stainless steel to perform consistently. This metal has been used for platform accommodations, for subsea pipelines and for cable trays.
  • Healthcare benefits from stainless steel. The uses of stainless steel are wide reaching in the medical industry. Valued for the cleanliness, durability and lack of reactivity, stainless steel is used for surgical implants that won’t irritate surrounding tissues, MRI scanners that require non-magnetic metal parts and surgical instruments that need to be durable enough for regular sterilization procedures.
  • The food processing industry uses stainless steel widely. Just like the medical industry, food processors appreciate the fact that stainless can be kept sanitary, so it is used for catering equipment, distilling and all forms of food processing.

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