Copper plate is more widely used than you might think in many industries. This versatile metal product can withstand many environments where other metal products simply are not appropriate or will not offer the characteristics needed for a positive outcome. Here are just a few ways that industrial copper plate is used and why industry relies on this versatile metal:

  • Copper plate is ideal for marine use. The fact that copper has natural antifouling properties means that it can be used for parts such as boat hulls and propeller shafts. Since bacteria and organisms react to the natural characteristics of copper, the use of copper plate in marine work saves cleaning time and reduces mechanical breakdowns.
  • Electrical parts can be made from copper plate. Copper is naturally conductive, so bus bars and other electrical parts are common uses for industrial copper plate. Electrical wiring, fittings and other parts can be made from copper as well.
  • There is a wide variety of use in the HVAC industry for copper plate. Everything from steam condensers to heat exchangers, boilers to tanks can be made from copper plate. The benefit is that copper is highly thermally conductive, which is ideal for the needs of the heating and cooling industry.
  • The military industry uses copper plating widely. Copper plate is used in missile components and nuclear materials storage. Copper plate, with the characteristics of being highly conductive as well as resistant to corrosion, provides just the right aspects to make it ideal for military use.

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