Buss bars are one of the most overlooked metal products on the market today. Contained in virtually every environment where electricity needs to be conducted, there are a wide variety of these critical parts made for the smallest consumer electronic applications to assisting with the biggest industrial needs.


What is a buss bar? A buss bar, as it is known, is a strip or bar made from metal that assists in conducting electricity. These can be comprised of a wide variety of metals, including brass, copper or aluminum. Though they are made from metal, the role of a buss bar is not to provide any structural stability to the apparatus it is used in. The entire role of a buss bar is to provide electrical conduction.


Typically used as part of a substation that moves electricity to residential or commercial districts, as part of a switchboard, or in a battery bank or electrical distribution center, buss bars are created specifically for the application they will inhabit. Each buss bar is engineered to move electricity efficiently and safely. This means that the design and metal used for a buss bar must be chosen carefully.


While metal buss bars are generally strips or bar shaped forms, there are also other options for buss bars. Metal tubes with a hollow center can also be used to move electricity. The size and diameter of buss bar tubes will determine the electrical load. The reason that flat strips or hollowed out metal tubes are used is that in addition to moving electricity, their surface area allows heat to radiate out into the environment.


One of the main benefits of using copper, aluminum or brass is that it can prevent wiring issues. While traditional wires can conduct electricity, using a buss bar will decrease the odds that a wire coming loose or not attached correctly will cause an incident. They can also be attached to other parts using soldered materials, wiring harnesses and fittings.


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