Metals have taken on a role in everyday use that is more than just practical. More and more designers are appreciating the qualities that different metals have and are using them in consumer applications. Check out these ways that metals can be used to improve the look of your home, as part of your hobbies or for designer touches:


  • Home improvements benefit from metals. From copper-covered table tops to brushed aluminum back splashes in the kitchen, homes look great with metal materials.
  • Bird houses can be built using metal parts.Adding a copper roof to your birdhouse will give it an attractive patina over time.
  • Metals are ideal for engraving and etching. Copper and other metals can be used for etching. Etching and engraving can make simple gifts that much more personal and attractive.
  • Use metals for minor repairs. From light fixtures to repairing damaged decorative items, metals can be just the right material to solve the problem. They can be soldered into place for a permanent solution.
  • A home can see an upgrade with metals. Outside trim home enhancements, such as adding copper or aluminum trim to your deck can give your home a unique, one-of-a-kind look.
  • Grades get a boost from metals. From grade school projects on metals and mild acids to sophisticated university-level experiments, metals can be an asset to learning.


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