Aluminum is one of the top choices for automobile industry insiders today. There are many reasons that aluminum has become popular. These include that fact that aluminum helps cars to perform better and stay safer on the road.

New emissions requirements mean that cars have to use less fuel in order to meet government standards. In order to do so, automotive manufacturers have looked for ways to not only use fuel more efficiently, but to streamline car designs and decrease their weight. Aluminum has proved to be a critical link in being able to meet emissions and fuel rating standards.

Using aluminum is not limited to a certain brand of vehicle. In fact, a wide variety of manufacturers, such as Ford, Audi, Mercedes Benz and Land Rover all use aluminum in their designs. What they have found is that aluminum is not only providing environmentally friendly aspects to their lines of vehicles, but improving overall safety as well.

Aluminum has been used in car manufacturing for more than four decades. In terms of popularity, aluminum is used almost as commonly as steel. Once a car has completed its life span, aluminum has the benefit of being able to be recycled. Well-regarded statistics demonstrate that up to 90 percent of aluminum in a vehicle is recycled, making it a responsible choice for car owners and those who are concerned about the overall impact of materials on the environment.

Energy efficiency can also be measured with the use of aluminum. With new designs, aluminum vehicles save more than 100 million barrels of crude oil in energy over their steel counterparts. When used in a vehicle, aluminum is also safer. It offers twice the crash absorption as mild steel.

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