Everyone wants a home that reflects their own personality and style. Copper sheet products are one of the best ways that homeowners can give their home a custom look at a do-it-yourself price. Here are four ways that you can upgrade your home by using custom copper sheeting:


  • Refurbish furniture with copper sheets. Old tables can be covered with copper sheets to give them a new look. With the softness of copper, texture can be built in using metal stamps once the overlay is complete. To keep the original color of the copper, remember to seal the surface to prevent a patina from forming.
  • Consider a copper sink in your bathroom. Custom copper plumbing fixtures can make your home look really special. A custom copper sink created from copper sheets is a beautiful way to upgrade your bathroom. These types of sinks can be hammered into a basin for additional texture.
  • Create a memorable bar using copper for home improvements. Instead of a traditional wood bar in your home, try a copper overlay. This can add color, depth and texture to your home. The custom copper sheets can be wrapped around the edge to create a smooth finish.
  • Remember that copper patinas. A patina is just the color that the copper turns when it is exposed to the elements. Copper can patina in either red or green (think the Statue of Liberty). To prevent a patina from forming, use a clear sealant which will keep moisture from attaching to the copper surface.


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